Recordstore Day 2015, 7" white vinyl, The Cherrypops, El Fisch, die Zelten, Reichtum Plakat ErdeRECORDSTORE DAY 2014 - New Lifeshark Edition #1

NLS 032 - 7"


7" Vinyl Single mit El Fisch, Die Zelten!, The Cherrypops und Reichtum Plakat Erde, limitiert auf 500 Stück, weisses Vinyl


7" vinyl single with El Fisch, Die Zelten!, The Cherrypops and Reichtum Plakat Erde, limited edition of 500 pieces, white vinyl


The Cherrypops - Wolken Zucker HimmelTHE CHERRYPOPS - Wolken Zucker Himmel

NLS 031 - CD


The Cherrypops - Wolken Zucker Himmel. >> Ausverkauft!!!


The Cherrypops - Wolken Zucker Himmel. >> Sold out!!! /


The Sober Sisters - Nice girls don't play Rock'n'RollTHE SOBER SISTERS & THE DIRTY FOUR - Nice Girls don't play Rock'n'Roll

NLR 029 - CD / Double LP, 180 Gr.


Dritter Streich der großartigen Coverband. Und wieder jede Menge Hits mit zuckersüßem Frauengesang. Ein Muss für jede Party und noch etwas punkiger als das Debut.


3rd release by this wonderfull female fronted coverband. Very sweet voices and even more powerful and Punk and Roll than the first releases.


The Sober Sisters and The Dirty FourTHE SOBER SISTERS & THE DIRTY FOUR: s/t

NLR 028 - CD

This outstandig cool band goes on "covering through" the history of music and plays all the hits in a new sound, the way they should sound.




The Part-Time PosersTHE PART-TIME POSERS: Born to Pose

NLR 027 - 7" + MCD

New band from Chinese Takeaway's frontman Ego T. Superstar and singer Kattie. More dynamic and powerful than C.T. Absolute brilliant 77 style punk rock.


The 7" has got 3 tracks, the MCD 5 tracks.


The Sold Out SweetheartsSOLD OUT SWEETHEARTS: The Glamorous Bubblegum

NLR 026 - EP 7"


Four tracks of fascinating glam punk rock from Stockholm, Sweden in the vein of Chinese Takeaway.


Limited edition of 500 copies only!!!





The Great Unwashed feat. The Sober SistersGREAT UNWASHED feat.THE SOBER SISTERS: Pussycat a GoGo

NLR 025 - LP


Ready to party? 13 cover songs for a joyride through the 50ties to the 80ties popglam-rock-disco-era. In a very nice outfit and with a real cool sound.


Limited edition of 500 copies only!!! Nearly sold out.




Coffein BombCOFFEIN BOMB: Sometimes

NLR 024 - 7"


Four times true 77-style punk rock between the Clash and Social Distortion. And don't they wear their D-Generation badge well.






Chinese TakeawayCHINESE TAKEAWAY: Fuck Billboard ... We're the Stars

NLR 023 - LP


Yes, it's here!!! The very true GLAMPUNKROCK album from these rockers from Stockholm, Sweden. Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to party.







NLR 021 - LP


Following their debut 7" (NLR 012) now the first complete album. The Swedish guys played great shows with Great Unwashed. Classic 77 punk rock meets modern garage style punk.






The Great UnwashedGREAT UNWASHED: Welcome Back ... to Real Life Again

NLR 020 - LP


First album by this great garage-punk band after a 7" (NLR 014) and a split single with Red Eye Express. Each song dirty rotten punk rock the way it should be.






The Let's Go'sTHE LET'S GO'S: Play C'mon let's go + 15 other tracks

NLR 019 - LP


The Let's Go's from Sweden bring you 16 tracks of pure punk'n'roll. They already released some 7"s and appeared on some compilations (White Jazz; Frank Records). This is definitely the album for your party.






Apocalypse BabysAPOCALYPSE BABYS: Apocalypse Now

NLR 017 - 7"


Fast and furious punk rock from England like the Clash, UK Subs or Ramones.


4 very tuneful tracks.





Chinese TakeawaysCHINESE TAKEAWAY: Plastic Passion

NLR 016 - 7"


Asskickin' glamour rock from Sweden in the vein of the Heartbreakers. 4 tracks which guaranteed have got nothing to do with the Scandinavian rock hype.


>> almost sold out




Estnische Bauern aus der HölleESTNISCHE BAUERN AUS DER HÖLLE: S/T

NLR 015 - 7"


Party punk rock of this male/female band featuring Fisch of Lokalmatadore (neither male nor female, just Fisch). In case your knowledge of the german tongue is a bit limited: the band name translates as 'Estonian Farmers From Hell'.


You have been warned! 4 songs in german.



The Great UnwashedGREAT UNWASHED: S/T

NLR 014 - 7"


5 tracks of dirty fucking punk rock - the way it should be. A cross between Radio Birdman, Antiseen, D.O.A. - it rules!!!






The VectorsTHE VECTORS: Fuck MTV

NLR 012 - 7"


77 style punk rock. Bouncy and catchy tunes, a bit like New Bomb Turks meet the Ramones.


4 tracks





ihopIHOP: One More Time for the Hearing Impaired

NLR 008 - 7"


Girlie style punk rock like Red Aunts or Bikini Kill


5 tracks





SifterSIFTER: Seasoned to Taste

NLR 007 - 7"


Sifter from Staten Island, NY deliver 5 tracks somewhere between Avail and Dag Nasty.







The Hang-UpsTHE HANG-UPS: Chébosaurus

NLR 006 - 7"


The Hang-Ups from Newcastle, UK, play old style sing-a-long punk rock in the vein of the Lurkers, Buzzcocks, Toy Dolls.


4 tracks




>> Impressum